Strong Kids Annual Campaign 2018

Each year, the funds from the Annual Campaign go towards both memberships and programs for those who cannot afford it. Last year, the Y gave away over $130,000 in financial assistance. Here is one family the Y has been able to help:

Meet Taya, Armani, Emanuel, Donte and Dominic, five adopted siblings who belong to our YMCA. They were adopted in 2016 by Mark and Cheryl Rogers, who had cared for them as foster children since 2010. Mark and Cheryl felt God placed each of these kids in their home and are raising them in a loving, Christian family. Our Y is helping them on that mission by providing a safe, fun, active place for their kids to belong.

Although they all have different personalities, the 5 siblings are all friendly and athletic; they have participated in basketball, tumbling, and swimming at the Y. Armani and Emanuel, the oldest 2, walk to the YMCA from Ingersoll Middle School almost every day after school. They live about15 minutes outside of Canton, so the Y often gives them time to play while Cheryl runs errands or takes other kids to their activities. When asked about how she feels about the Y, their mom, Cheryl, said:

“The thing I love most about the Y is that I know that it’s safe. Staff members make sure they know who the kids are and they know who the parents are.”

The Y’s mission is to help families, like the Rogers, succeed in raising healthy, happy, well-rounded children. However, many kids could not be here without a little help from you. Our Y depends on your support to keep its doors open to all kids in our community.

To find out more about exactly where the money goes, click here.

See some of our Y family members speak about what the Annual Campaign means to them:

Steve Oaks (Member and Financial Staff)

Chad Murphy (Board Member)

Brenda Shawgo and Friends (Board President and Y Members)

Anna Stinauer (Former Swim Team Member and New Board Member)

Martha Davis (Board Member and Long-Time Member)

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